PA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending Machine

Baked kiosk Vending Machine 24hours

Product specification :

PA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending Machine????????1

Product Features :

1.21.5" touchscreen screen for advertising and operations. Cloud Platform Management System.

2.Visual window of the product. The door is constructed of two layers of completely sealed visual glass . The outside is covered with a glass film that has an the ability to defrost automatically.

3.Payment system: coin, bill and exchange coin, credit card interface .

4.The machine inside is able to keep sealed meals of 72 pieces, sealed meal dimensions: 8"(L)x5 1/8"(W)*1 3/8"(H).

Make sure the box’s quantity is based on the size of your box .

5.There are 127 varieties of food products available for sale and the cost and time to heat each one can be set in a separate manner.

6.The temperature of the storage space can be set from 0 to 4. It can be set up based on different items.

7.Heating temperature: 60~90. You need 45 seconds for baking one of the sealed meals(fresh not frozen) . The heating time can be adjusted depending on the ingredients.

8.Heating method: patent-pending commercial microwave oven(microwave oven power : 3000W )

9.Push rod delivery speed: 60~90 seconds. The speed can be adjusted depending on the pallet’s layers.

10.Machine Material for the body: complete machine foaming molding, excellent thermal insulation.

11.Compressor: power 550W. Brand Embraco, refrigerant 134A

Product Advantage:

1. Intelligent manipulator XY axis output and elevator delivery


2. Bigger capacity about 72pcs : 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 8 layers=72


3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


PA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending MachinePA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending MachinePA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending MachinePA-C5-E Baked kiosk Vending Machine