Automatic Vending Popcorn Machine

One flavor automatic vending Popcorn Machine

Product specificatio:


Product Features :

* 21" Advertising and Operation Screen with Android system

* The cups will fall down by themselves. Each cup’s capacity is 32 oz( the machine in the cup

keep 100pcs paper cup )

The outside cover is made of stainless steel with a beautiful artwork.

* Inside is a heater and fan which converts popcorn from corn quickly.

within just less than 80 seconds, the machine can be set to the desired temperature in accordance with the different kinds of

of popcorn.

* The machine blends the popcorn and the flavor of the machine on its own.

* The machine within is equipped with an automatic controlled heater. The design is simple and operation is easy.

* Two Bowl made in aluminum is great for heat transfer.

* The language of the touch screen interface can be set up based on a different country.

* Payment method: Coin, Bill, MDB for the card reader

* The machine in the back keeps one flavor of corn .

Remote systems can monitor the sale situation, lack of Material Reminder, Machine Internal data setting, machine fault Reminder.

Product Advantage:

1. Two-layer heater distributes heat more evenly


1. The machine have 3 kind of payment for you to operation : bill , coin and coin exchange , credit card .


2. The machine inside Heating pot that use high temperature resistant materials that can pass 200 degree , normally the heating pot working temperature is 90degree to 110 degree .


3. The machine inside can keep 32OZ cup 100pcs .


4. The machine inside can keep 1 flavor corn .


Automatic Vending Popcorn MachineAutomatic Vending Popcorn MachineAutomatic Vending Popcorn MachineAutomatic Vending Popcorn Machine