Professional factory, professional team


Awarded the private scientific enterprise recognized certificate of Guangdong provinceInvested 1 million RMB to purchase CNC punching machines to improve the precision of our products


Awarded the most popular supplier of ice cream machine in the hotel supplies industry


Produced vending ice cream machine


Bango International catering management Co. Ltd was founded. Set up its branch company in Beiing and opened more than 50 chain stores to develop China MarketWe cooperated with KFC in China to produce ice cream blender HM24.


Developed automatic coin vending ice cream machine HM766


Developed HM 931, HM116T, HM736 based on HM766 and the internet + technology


Vending Ice cream machine exported to Malaysia and Saudi, also had agent now.We cooperate with Carrefour China to manufacture ice cream machine HM726, also cooperate with famous brand company to enter Chinese convenient store.


Opened the Bango store in abroad, such as Bahrain and Singapore, also we have developed new machine automatic popsicle machines and uparaded fried ice cream machine.


Honorary Partner with KFC in China


COVID-19 has occurred globally, and people’s lives and consumption have changed. The vending machine provides great convenience to people’s lives. We have developed a series of vending machines such as: vending pizza machine, vending milk tea machine, vending popcorn machine.


The second year of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, our sales have been affected to a certain extent. We are constantly updating and improving our vending pizza machine, vending popcorn machine and vending soda machine.


COVID-19 has been in the third year of the global outbreak. At present, domestic and foreign sales have a little growth. Due to the epidemic, more people have accepted online payment, which is helpful to our automatic machines. At the same time, we continue to update the automatic background to go to meet people’s needs.

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