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In order to better serve every customer, Hommy recruits powerful agents worldwide. Hommy will use powerful network data to provide accurate data analysis to agents, and they will serve all customers to achieve a win-win situation.
March 10, 2021
The Fastest Machine - French Fries in 35 seconds
When investing in French fries, customers just need to pay for the device and wait another 35 secs,Hommy French fries vending machine fully considers the user’s experience, searches for the needs from the user’s perspective and ensures the quality. It orders meals through on the net or offline termi
July 20, 2021
french fries machine price in Italy
In recent years, many investors see the business opportunities and want to become listed on the field of vending. Is it really profitable to create automatic French fries machine? In fact, over time, and the unfinished echelon in the market is an excellent project for most franchisees. At the mome
July 20, 2021
french fries machine for sale
A lot of the French fries on the market are directly heated, hommy French fries equipment is different. It heats different foods separately after customers purchase them. It sets distinct heating time for several foods to make sure that the food each client gets is usually steaming and fresh. And e
July 20, 2021
French fry machine - french fries machine for sale
poker chips vending machine is popular. Think about the French fries vending equipment from a business viewpoint? Do ordinary people generate profits by investing in French fries vending machines?Hommy computerized French fries vending machine, when buying French fries, customers only need to put f
July 20, 2021
all productsmilk shake equipment mcflurry machine for sale hommy
Which identifies the cold beverage or hot drink that’s mixed with milk and actually is rich in foam. After being released to China, the milkshake is actually a mixture of ice and ice that is mixed with milk and ice. Actually, a milkshaker is definitely a machine used to blend milk and other material
July 20, 2021
Pizza Self 24 | Personal Pizza Vending Machine
Hommy Personal Pizza Vending Machine is probably the leading hot meals vending machine in the vending machine industry. You will find it in many countires, this is a “Genuine Cooking” machine, the pizza supply are in same top quality as the one you discover in pizzeria.The Hommy Pizza vending equipm
July 20, 2021
Automatic Frozen French Fries Plant - POKER CHIPS Machinery
HOMMY automatic freezing poker chips machinery, processing potato chips machinery is to absorb the essence of comparable products, retain the advantages of large products to concentrate, and reference the opinions information from from coast to coast to create and develop. The utility version has th
July 20, 2021
China ice cream screen freezer factory directly sale
Hommy Enterprise not only produce ice cream equipment, but also produce ice cream display freezer.The device has beautiful apperance. Full dental coverage plans of double toughened cup inner suerface, hi-def and transparent,Allow to use in nighttime fair, prolong your organization time and earn muc
July 20, 2021
China French Fries Equipment - Manufacturers & Suppliers
It is not limited by time and place, and will conserve manpower and facilitate transaction. The cooperation between vending equipment and catering stores is seen as a posting economy in the providing industry. The fast food vending machine shares the meals content of the restaurant, through the coo
July 20, 2021
French Fry Making Equipment at Best Price found in India
As a snack everybody loves, chips are favored by Indians. The digesting of chips requires a variety of gear matching the production collection to create large-level chips. Matching the form of pipeline, continuous work efficiency is high.The equipment can be customized according to the actual proces
July 20, 2021
does indeed ice cream mould have warranty period
Many teens and children are extremely fond of ice attracted by his scrumptious temptation, cream and cool. If you wide open an ice cream store, ice cream machine will need to have, ice cream mold includes a warranty period? Let’s understand its features and maintenance primary!1、 Characteristics2、
July 20, 2021
any manufacturers to customize ice cream maker machine
There are several ways and skills to select ice cream machine. Now many manufacturers can procedure, material properties could have apparent differences. Let’s first learn about the delicate ice cream machine, which brand of ice cream equipment is trustworthy. Based on the analysis of the marketplac
July 20, 2021
china popsicle freezer freezer gelato factory directly sales for ice cream shop
The retro craze is not over yet. It’s the preferred snack products for entrepreneurship.Fried yogurt machine···followed by stir fried yogurt equipment, smoking ice cream machine and sand ice cream machine···Preferred hands ice cream machineThe retro craze isn’t over yet. It’s the preferred snack p
July 20, 2021
The First Pizza Vending Machine: here is how it works - The Patent
The first pizza vending equipment in the world should be the Let’s pizza. It was designed in Italy and it’s the only equipment that produce pizza from dough to ready to eat completely inside machine.Recent years, because of raising heating of vending machine, The device received different remarks
July 20, 2021
Pizza Vending Equipment - Wholesale Suppliers Online
Pizza is a flat bread with toppings onto it. People could make many varieties of pizzas through the use of different ingredient. Just like the bread, distinct areas provides their own type, shape and taste of pizza predicated on the ingredient used. During the past, pizza is considered as perfected
July 20, 2021
Hommy unbeatable value ice block making machine wholesale
Ice blocks are widely make use of for Fishery Industry and Seafood Preservation. Distinct transparent ice block will be made by the Ice Block Making Equipment. Ice block making machine can be divided into oxygen cooling system and water coolant system. For different production need, the ice block
July 16, 2021
what are raw materials for fried ice cream machine production
Fried ice cream is not fried directly in the pan, but wrapped in loaf of bread and then fried. And right now you can see it all over the united states, and it’s simple enough to do it, and it’s really especially refreshing in nice inside, summer and crispy outside.Xiao Bian will tell you the differ
July 16, 2021
Disposable frozen dessert machine  disposable ice cream machine
Summer! No ice cream, no happiness! But want to eat also have to look for stores everywhere, eat goods said: too difficult!This is not, hommy disposable automatic ice cream machine on line! In vending machines, we can buy drinks, snacks, low-temperature refrigerated yogurt, fruit juice, etc. now we
July 16, 2021
yili group acquires thailand s major ice cream company
Chomthana is the greatest ice cream and frozen food distribution enterprise found in Thailand, and its products go over ice cream, bread and dessert areas, and have excellent performance in Thailand’s local market and 13 foreign marketplaces, and so are loved by consumers. After signing the deal wi
July 16, 2021


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