Q: what do you need from us to add a new language?

A: yes , we can help you to add your language for vending machine , just now our automatic vending ice cream machine have more language for you to choose : Chinese ,English , Poland , Saudi Arabia, Malaysia ,Thailand, Spain , Germany , Malaysian, Russis .

Q: Are there any rules for vending machine position like how many miter from the wall…?and do the vending machine work well if the weather hot ?

A: Hommy vending machine has been in the market for more than 6 years. We know that there are certain restrictions in some places. We changed the exhaust port to the top, so there is no restriction. The ventilation on all sides of the vending machine is not very strict on the storage location.

Q: We want more info about the sales system and the app. In Hommy vending machine business ?

A: You can see this video that have some part about the vending ice cream machine inside the system . Please check it https://youtube.com/embed/FGJZCLwgloU?rel=0

Q: Hommy ice cream vending machine have remind system to refill ?

A: Yes , when vending ice cream machine material less that will send message for the worker to refill , if the material pass we setup Level the machine will automatic stop to work it . the ice cream material tank , we have senser that have two level , the first is remind you refill , the second is no material stop to sell out .

Q: Is there not internet how can I get sales info from the vending machine?

A: If there is no network, you can only check the daily sales volume in the background of the vending machine.

Q: We want more info about the guarantee and the way you can fix it if something broken?

A: Hommy automatic vending machine have 18 months guarantee , when the ice cream vending machine have any question we also can check it in the background that will give us some infornation , we from this message , we know what is question , we will send the part for you to change it .

Q: We want to make sure the vending machines can get in the Europe (Conforms to European specifications) ?

A: This machine have get CE,UL Certiftication . that can sell out Europe and USA market , we have sell it to Europe market and USA market now .

Q: To add Credit Card Reader Services do you need any info from us?

A: If we help you to buy the credit card in china , we can help you to handle all , when you get the machine , the credit card supplier who have agent in your market who will help you to handle all open the account like this . if you will install credit card in your country , the machine inside we use the system is MDB that is International agreement, you can ask the credit card supplier to install for you . if you have any question please contact with us .

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