5 flavor Vending Popcorn Machine

pop corn making machine automatic

Product specificatio:


Product Features :

The outside cover is made of stainless steel with a attractive artwork.

* 21.5" Operation and Advertisment Screen using Android system

Allow customers to select flavors, order quantity and pay by credit card

Let the operator check machine’s data and sales record. and machine settings, and error alert for low inventory.

* The paper cup will fall down by itself. ( capacity to store 100 pieces of 32oz paper cup in )

* Installed heater and fan, which converts popcorn out of corn and then add flavor within about 100-120 minutes.

The temperature of the machine’s heater can be adjusted based on the type of popcorn.

* with 5 flavors that you can choose from We use sauce and popcorn to mix various flavors for you .

* Innovative design and easy operation.

* Bowl made of aluminum is ideal to transmit heat.

* The touch screen’s user interface language is customizable.

Paying system for payments: coin acceptor Acceptor of bank notes change coin MDB Interface for card readers.

Remote monitoring system can be connected via WiFi, allowing the operator to look up the data online. Low inventory reminder and Machine Malfunction Reminder may be sent to a mobile phone.

Product Advantage:

1. Two-layer heater distributes heat more evenly


1. The machine have 3 kind of payment for you to operation : bill , coin and coin exchange , credit card .


2. The machine inside Heating pot that use high temperature resistant materials that can pass 200 degree , normally the heating pot working temperature is 90degree to 110 degree .


3. The machine inside can keep 32OZ cup 100pcs .


The machine inside can keep 5 flavor corn for buyer


5 flavor Vending Popcorn Machine 5 flavor Vending Popcorn Machine 5 flavor Vending Popcorn Machine 5 flavor Vending Popcorn Machine