PA-C5-A Hamburgers Vending Machine

Hot and Freeze vending machine 24hours

Product specification:


Product Features :

1.21.5" touch screen to facilitate promotions and for operation. Cloud Platform Management System.

2.Payment system 2. Payment system: Credit card, Bill credit card has an the interface (MDB port) and return coins.

3.The machine inside can keep 72pcs hamburgers, Food boxes size: (L)220mm*(W)180mm*(H)40~70mm. Storage could be up to 8 boxes if the size of the box is 150mm.(base on the box to make it adjustable ).

4.The temperature of the storage area can be adjusted to 5-10 degrees. It can be set up based on various items.

5.Heating temperature: 60~90. You need 30 seconds to bake one hamburger. The time for heating can be altered depending on the ingredients.

6.Push rod delivery speed: 60~90 seconds. The speed can be adjusted for the different pallet layers.

7.Heating method: commercial microwave oven patent( 2000W )

8.Food types available: 1-27 kinds and prices for each type and time to heat can be set

9.Machine Body material complete foaming molding for the machine, excellent thermal insulation.

10.Compressor Power 550W Brand Embraco, Refrigerant 134A

Product Advantage:

1. Intelligent manipulator XY axis output and elevator delivery


2. Bigger capacity about 72pcs : 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 8 layers=72


3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


PA-C5-A Hamburgers Vending MachinePA-C5-A Hamburgers Vending MachinePA-C5-A Hamburgers Vending MachinePA-C5-A Hamburgers Vending Machine