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popcorn machine for sale

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The main varieties of traditional popcorn only have one flavor, and they are a single variety. The street converter type popcorn is relatively backward, and the output is relatively small,    Unable to meet the broad needs of the market. Hommy company regards quality and products as its life, bases itself on the society with integrity, creates brand with quality and service, and makes popcorn business well, bigger and stronger. Automatic popcorn machine is a commercial spherical popcorn machine to meet this demand. Its biggest advantage is large capacity, fast heating production, suitable for commercial use, and can produce delicious popcorn.

popcorn machine for sale

Hommy's popcorn machine is mainly commercial. There are two main models, both of which are popcorn self-service machines. Whether from the perspective of health, utility, or profit. Hommy's popcorn machine is a cost-effective product. It's worth investing.

Hommy's Popcorn self-service machine is oil-free and smoke-free. It uses air compression to explode corn and rice. Health and hygiene. Customers only need to put in money, take paper cup, then popcorn can be safe and healthy to enjoy delicious and healthy popcorn.

Now hommy's popcorn machine has been improved and upgraded. It can produce popcorn of different tastes and colors, which is deeply sought after and loved by consumers.

Hommy company's latest design and development of a new automatic popcorn machine, so far, hommy company has a complete popcorn production, processing, packaging line, so that the popcorn industry has truly achieved full automation. Save manpower, save energy, production efficiency is greatly improved. It is an inevitable trend for the development of modern industry to realize zero lampblack and zero pollution. If you have any questions about the information of hommy popcorn machine, please contact hommy company for further information.


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