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yili group acquires thailand s major ice cream company

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Chomthana is the greatest ice cream and frozen food distribution enterprise found in Thailand,  and its products go over ice cream, bread and dessert areas, and have excellent performance in Thailand’s local market and 13 foreign marketplaces, and so are loved by consumers. After signing the deal with chomthana, Yili will fully promote the complementary advantages of China and Thailand, offer full play to the strategic synergy effect and further further the imagine “allow world share health”.

One belt, one street,   erie has consistently promoted “resource complementarity, invention and cooperation,

China has won a whole lot of praise in the international community with its open brain and win-win measures.  Non-public enterprises are in an excellent foreign and domestic environment, that is a good period to secure development, focus on business and do the job hard in the home, actively promote open up cooperation, and make an effort to achieve win-win development.

Hommy’s self-produced ice cream vending equipment, automatic pizza vending equipment, French fries vending machine and other gear have great choice in terms of quality, price and capacity, and the after-sales assistance is also very complete. Not only that, hommy may also provide various cooperation modes for consumers to meet their many needs and obtain more profits. Welcome customers to come quickly to consult!


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