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french fries machine for sale

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A lot of the French fries on the market are directly heated,  hommy French fries equipment is different. It heats different foods separately after customers purchase them. It sets distinct heating time for several foods to make sure that the food each client gets is usually steaming and fresh. And every food could be traced back again to the delivery personnel and restaurant, strict guidance effectively ensures the caliber of food.

Different from the traditional vending equipment, hommy French fries machine adopts mobile payment in order to avoid the trouble of cash transaction. Moreover, this machine is quite “polite” and will deliver customers’ boxed foods instead of pushing them out of your shelves and making them bend down to pick them up. Considerate particulars give customers a fresh shopping experience. What they encounter is no longer a cold machine, but a warm humanized service.

Hommy is principally engaged in the development and procedure of frying products for food processing plant life.  D and production of frying type of frying machine with total qualification and good technology.  We will treat every customer with the most sincere attitude and the most rigorous production.

As something of the brand new retail era, hommy French fries equipment, with rich return on investment and zero-maintenance cost, has made an increasing number of investors tastes the sweetness. What are you hesitating about for business owners who want to get dividends?


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