Hommy’s ice cream machine with exquisite shape a??the shape of science fiction, attractive easily disassembled and install; Powerful functions including ice cream, drinks, and other product combinations, tasty and delightful; automated, intelligent robot operation that realizes barrier free man-machine interaction with touch-screen ordering, as well as man-machine dialoguethat is highly entertaining, so that diners can enjoy their meals and have fun. At the same time it’s simple to pay for your mobile phone under the advantages of the Internet. Coins and banknotes can be identified, and more support is available for WeChat, Alipay, and the two-dimensional code payment.

Hommie ice cream machines possess the greatest advantage due to their fluidity and strength. It is easy and quick to be opened throughout the city. It is able to be moved anywhere there are people. Amusement parks, shopping malls and stations can be sold using manual. It is also operated by coins and made by robots. This saves energy, time and effort. Additionally the hommy machine has a powerful refrigeration system, which is fast in speed. The expansion pump will not only ensure the smooth flavor of ice cream, but also ensure continuous production, cut down on manufacturing costs and raw materials increasing output and enhancing profits on a constant basis. The Hommy ice-cream machine is fully enclosed with an ice-cream cone and material cylinder. It also performs thermal preservation and precooling preservation of raw materials, which helps to maintain hygiene and food safety to the fullest extent. Mobile vehicles, but not mobile, are the guarantee of delicious taste and top quality.

Hommy’s ice cream machine moves all over the city , in the fashion of a robot on wheels, brings people healthy, delicious, smooth and fresh-made desserts and also earns money throughout the city in a distinctive method. How does it distinguish itself from the other catering companies, and why is it not favored by the majority of investors?