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How to make your own sugarcane juicer

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In recent years, the desire for better health has led to the upgrade of sugarcane to new pressing and NFC fields. Thus, an mobile sugarcane manufacturing plant – sugarcane automatic vending machine was created.

Hommy sugarcane squeezer is more than a vending machine that is automated. It’s also a sugarcane juice processing facility.

The sugarcane juice vending machines are not just a simple vending machine, but a front-end sugarcane juice processing plant. The typical method for sugarcane juice processing plant is that sugarcane juices are delivered to the sugarcane juice processing facility, regardless of whether the quality or otherwise, and the factory then produces sugarcane juice in cans, which is distributed to consumers via different distribution channels.

Sugarcane juice vending machines are made by selecting sugarcane in the beginning. This is due to the fact that sugarcane juice can be observed throughout the whole process. The quality of the juice from sugarcane can directly impact the user experience, and the repurchase rates. The sugarcane juice then gets packed and cleaned. The machine that sells sugarcane juice allows users to squeeze out the juice in as little as 35-40 seconds.

Reduce labor costs and get closer to your customers

A vending machine for sugarcane juice can solve the two pain points of labor costs and rental cost in the traditional retail business. Therefore, it is still an actual business, but the method of selling has changed.

Sugarcane juice is now an increasingly popular method of getting the sugarcane juice you need. Because of the versatility of the vending machine the sugarcane juice vending machine could be more convenient for the customer. For instance, it could be placed directly in the community and has a huge benefit over the sugarcane juice shops on the street cannot match.

According to statistics from China Beverage Industry Association (CBIA) The sugarcane juice production has declined since 2014. However, a variety of new products made from sugarcane based on fresh pressing are beginning to appear in the minds of customers and are now part of their regular buying habits. With this development, vending machines selling sugarcane juice will bring new opportunities for development.

Hommy’s fresh sugarcane juice machine is now the latest preferred sugarcane juice vending machine that uses the black technology of connecting air to water. It can be used without the need for an external water source or plug-in power. It uses Aerospace drinking technology that filters and transforms the air molecules to create pure water for internal flushing.


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