It wasna??t until recent times that the desire for health and wellness led to the upgrade of sugarcane juices to fresh pressing and NFC fields. As a result, a mobile sugarcane juice plant sugarcane juice automatic vending machine was born.

Hommy’s sugarcane juicer is more than a vending machine that is automated. It’s also a sugarcane juice processing facility.

Sugarcane juice vending machine is not just a vending machine, but also a front-end sugarcane juice processing plant. The conventional method of sugarcane juice processing plant is that sugarcane juices are transferred to the sugarcane processing facility, regardless of whether good or bad, and then the factory produces cans of sugarcane juice which reaches consumers through various distribution channels.

The process of making sugarcane juice vending machine is to first select sugarcane since consumers will see sugarcane juice during the entire procedure of selling. The poor quality of sugarcane juice will directly affect the customer experience, and later the rate at which they repurchase. The juice from sugarcane is sealed and cleaned. The machine for sugarcane juice allows users to squeeze out the juice in as little as 35-40 minutes.

The cost of labor is reduced and you are close to users

How To Make A Juicer For Sugarcane At Home

How To Make A Juicer For Sugarcane At Home

The sugarcane juice vending machine solves the problem of labor-intensive costs as well as rent costs that are high for traditional retail. It’s still a real market, but the structure of sales has changed.

Sugarcane juice has become the most popular method to get your sugarcane juice. The machines that sell sugarcane juice are able to be adapted and situated closer to the consumer. For example, it can be located in the neighborhood, which is a major advantage that the sugarcane juice shop on the street cannot match.

In fact, according to the data of China Beverage Industry Association, the production of traditional packaged sugarcane juice has decreased from 2014. But, new products made from sugarcane that are focused on the fresh press are beginning to enter the eye of the consumer and have become a part of people’s daily buying habits. With this development, sugarcane juice vending machine will bring new opportunities for development.

The Hommy sugarcane juice maker is now the most popular sugarcane juice automated vending machine that uses black technology of water to air. It is able to operate without the need for the need for an external water source or plug-in power. The machine uses Aerospace drinking technology that filters and transforms the air molecules to create pure water for internal flushing.