Do you like eating popcorn when you see movie at the cinema? Most of the people would say ‘yes’. Popcorn is the most favorite snack food for young people. Traditional popcorn made by normal popcorn machine usually uses large corn, the popcorn tastes hard, not plump enough.  In recent years, automatic vending machines, including coin operated vending popcorn machine, are becoming popular in every corner of the city.  You can easily buy a cup of popcorn from a vending popcorn machine. The popcorn is well burst, big, sweet and crisp taste.

What kind of corn should be used for the coin operated popcorn vending machine?

Do you know what kind of corn does the coin operated popcorn machine use? Can normal popcorn be made to be tasty popcorn by the electric popcorn machine?  No! We have ever tried to use ordinary corn on our vending popcorn machine, however the explosion rate is very bad and many of the corn can’t pop into popcorn. The ordinary corn can’t pop well. We have to use the special corn, which is smaller than the ordinary corn grain, the structure is more compact.

Special corn, also known as burst corn, it pops very well in short time under high temperature.  The HOMMY brand coin operate vending popcorn machine can make special corn into popcorn in a 80 seconds.

Different special corn can make different shapes of popcorn, such as butterfly popcorn, or spherical popcorn. Special corn can also be made into a variety of flavors, original flavor, caramel flavor, cream flavor, and so on. People in different countries or regions may like different tastes. So the requirements for corn are more stringent.

Special corn is not easy o be found in the local market. The corns are specially treated. The color is beautiful, the moisture content is about 15%, the blasting rate of this kind of corn can reach more than 98%, the expansion rate of special corn is more than 45-49 times as ordinary corn. It’s very suitable to use In a vending popcorn machine, with the heater system and fan inside, 15kgs corn can make about 120 cups of popcorn in 5 hours. Comparing with traditional popcorn, making popcorn with special corn and the electric vending popcorn machine is more delicious and healthy, no preservatives, no trans fats, and rich in dietary fiber!