Vending Ice Cream Machine

Model Number:HM766C

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China(Mainland)

Capacity : 70-80L/H(52.8-68kg/h, 12lbs/h)

Certificate: UL,CE,CB ,ISO

Lead Time: 20-30working days after TT deposit

OEM Availability:Yes

Payment Term: T/T, L/C,

Suitable For : Hotels, restaurants, 24-hour convenience stores, beverage stores

Automatic Vending ice cream machine

Product specificatio:

HM766C,HM766S,HM736S,HM931S,HM116S Machine Comparison Table
HM766C HM766S HM736S HM931S HM116S
Feature Wheel-mounted floor
Advertisement 27 "advertising TV screen led advertising screen 502X378mm NO
Function Pre-cooling , Air Pump, Mixer, Counter, Heat Treatment, Defrosting, Disinfection, Remote monitoring system
Automation full automatic
2 Flavour mix ice cream or frozen Yogurt 2 Flavour mix ice cream or frozen Yogurt 2 Flavour mix ice cream or frozen Yogurt 1 Flavour Sundae 1 Flavour Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
ingredients 3 kinds of topping & 3 kinds of jame 3 kinds of topping & 3 kinds of jame NO 3 kinds of jam NO
13L x 2 can made 240 cups ice cream (100g/cup ) 13L x 2 can made 240 cups ice cream (100g/cup ) 13L x 2 can made 320 cone ice cream
(80g/cone )
17L x 1 can made 70 cups Sundae 13L x 1 can made 120 cups ice cream (100g/cup )
50-60L/H 50-60L/H 50-60L/H 50L/H 40L/H
Air cooled
Voltage 220V50/60Hz,1phase
language Chinese ,English , Poland , Saudi Arabia, Malaysia ,Thailand, Spain,Germany,Malaysian
Remaining amount of cup 300pcs cup 300pcs cup 180pcs waffle cone 70pcs cup & 80pcs spoons 180pcs cup
payment system accept bill , coin , exchange coin , credit card (Provide credit card interface) ,online pay
Remote monitoring system you can use your mobile to check the machine station , sell out , Lack of material to remind
Electricity consumption 6 to 7 degrees a day 6 to 7 degrees a day 6 to 7 degrees a day 4 degrees a day 3 degrees a day
Guarantee Policy 18 months guarantee
for cooling system
photoes Vending Ice Cream Machine Vending Ice Cream Machine 1-800 1 HM116S

Product Features :

inch advertising screen

10.1 inch touch screen tablet-like controller with Android system

Machine states(hopper and cylinder tempera ,rationed setting,production process,error , Material level alert,Price)

Data checking(sales volume)

Dispensing controlling

Machine settings

Intelligent operation

Function send to mobile phone alert

the machine inside have more function , that can help you to save more Artificial cost :

?Pre-cooling system maintains mix below 5℃ during auto & standby modes.

?Air-pump delivers the mix with certain amount of air to the freezing cylinders.

?Mixer keeps mix uniformity in the hoppers.

?Heat-treatment provides a daily cleaning routine to maintains product according to quality and safety standards up to two weeks before complete cleaning with disassembly.


– Production defrosting rapidly melts the product in both cylinders and then goes back to production mode to reproduce.

– Washing defrosting rapidly melts the product in the cylinders that significantly reduces leftovers before cleaning.


– Special function that makes sanitizing process semi-automatic and easy.

– No disassemble the machine to clean the throat block unit, air-pump unit, beater and cylinder.

?Counter allows the operator to view number of servings dispensed.

Product Advantage:

Defrosting : when the machine are working 2 hour not sell out ice cream , cylinder some time will be block , we setup the system automtic defrost , so the machine can still working and defrost inside ice and made good quality ice cream or frozen Yogurt .

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Air pump : adjustable overrun from 20% to 80% , reduce the generation of ice crystals,made frozen yogurt(ice cream ) taste smooth and look white ; reduce the use of raw materials, increase profits .

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If you sell out ice cream at night the system automatic setup Pasteurization : Can kill the bacteria that produce inside the machine from -5 65℃→ -5℃process ( disinfect the loading cylinder and raw material inside , then refrigerate to booking status ). so you can keep the machine each 14 days one time .

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Leave censer have Second stage, the first stage of missing material level alarm, the second stage of automatic shutdown. When you receive the first message , you have some time for you to add material no need let the machine stop to work it .

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The machine inside have promotion function , you setup from Monday to Friday in 10:00 to 12:00 buy ice cream with some discount

That can help you to add sell out quantity .

vending machine business for sale

The machine inside have more language for you to choose : Chinese , English ,Poland , Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,Thailand, Spain .

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Vending Ice Cream Machine Vending Ice Cream Machine Vending Ice Cream Machine Vending Ice Cream Machine