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pizza vending machine how it works

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pizza vending machine how it works?

The payment ways of different pizzas are different.

The inner structure of unique pizza vending machines is also different.

The internal operation procedure for different pizza vending machines is more different.

This is a brief introduction:

Type of repayment: as mentioned in previous articles, there are coins payment, paper money payment, currency search,  weChat payment, Alipay payment, bank card, credit card and so on.

The inner structure is divided into freezer and oven. There happen to be additional kneading machine, roll surface machine, hard materials topping, sauce topping.

Internal operation process

The first kind of pizza vending machine,  the pizza does not need any packaging,   then maneuver the pizza out of your oven by the shifting shaft.  it will heat automatically. The time and temperature could be modified. After baking, it’ll be transferred from the moving axis to the colour box for packaging, and it will be handed over to the buyer through the window.

And also includes a very difficult topping,    fresh fruit grains, etc. into a particular slot. The sauce topping comes with chili sauce, nice flour sauce,   , which are placed into a certain hopper. The kneading machine will immediately knead a certain proportion of flour and water into dough, the rolling equipment will quickly knead the dough into a plate,  Move it to the oven to make, covers it, take it from the window and present it to the buyer.


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