PA-C6-A with roof

let’s pizza vending machine price

Product specification :





Product Features :

1.32" screen promotion, 10.5" screen operation

2.The payment system is capable of accepting: credit card interface, bill, currency, or bill.

3. The freezer inside a vending machine for pizza can hold 88 12" pizzas and maintain temperatures between 10 to 18 degrees.

4.Keep 88 paper boxes inside the machine.

Advanced PC control board, with well programmed function. Stable working.

6.We store product data automatically in the warehouse by scanning QR codes. Each product is assigned a unique QR code. It is possible to see the production date, expiration date, and product location. Our system will automatically sell your product up to the expiration date if it is more than two days away. The system will stop selling the product once it has reached its shelf life to ensure quality control and safety.

7. Different products can be used to set the freezer temperature. The machine will continue normal operation in high temperatures and high humidity.

8.Infrared Heating Temperature:60-300 Takes 3-5 Minutes to Bake One Pizza

9. Size of the infrared house: 400X400X300mm and power: 3000W

10.The machine can be operated safely by using the power failure protection function.

11. The language can be adapted to different countries.

12. Automatic power saving function. There are two times for lunch and dinner. The machine will heat up at the temperature you choose between 80°C and 100°C. When the customer makes payment, the machine will heat up automatically. This allows for a shorter baking time and faster sales. There is no need to preheat the machine all day. You can cut down on costs.

13.Computer remote control system: You can query sales details and remind you of any shortages.

14.The infrared can adjust its temperature base on different flavors of pizza to control the oven temperature and bake time.

15.The freezer compartment temperature is monitored for 24 hours. The machine will notify you when the temperature falls below the specified level.

Product Advantage:

1. Infrared heating temperature :60-300℃ need to 3-5 minutes for bake one pizza and Infrared house size :400X400X300mm and power :3000W .


2. If you use an aluminum pan to cook, you can heat the bottom of the pizza more evenly, and the pizza that comes out is more delicious.


4. We automatically store product data into the warehouse through QR code scanning. For each product, we set a QR code. You can clearly know the production time and expiration date of the product, so you can track the where abouts of the product. When the product is two days before the expiration date, our system will automatically help you sell until the sale. When the product has passed the shelf life, the system will automatically stop selling the product to ensure quality and safety.


5.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


6. Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


7. Oven inside heater that is separate control for the timing and temperature . that can base on different

Flavor adjust it .


8. Vending pizza machine inside use pizza box base on the machine to design and it can keep in freezer -18C .we use material Low temperature resistance .


9. It have two kind of roof for you to choose A and B , this roof can block wind, rain, snow.


10. We are welcome OEM for your logo


PA-C6-A with roofPA-C6-A with roofPA-C6-A with roof