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how to choose vending machine that can give you more profits

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The vending machine business in China has been growing rapidly over the last few years and has become an emerging player in the retail industry. Are these machines really profitable? It’s a wide question, as is asking whether it is profitable to earn profits from selling clothing, sending express, and doing car maintenance. Every industry has the potential to make or even lose money. The key is to see how you can do it and the viability of the idea and the difficulty of operation.

Vending machines first came to China quite late, i.e. less than 20 years ago, and have seen a rise in popularity since then. Vending machines are highly dependent on the development of local economies. Vending machines are most popular in regions with strong economies. In essence the retail market must be huge.

China is home to the biggest populace in the world and also a huge retail industry. The vending machines in China are less than one twentieth of those in Japan. There’s still plenty of market potential. It’s part of a dawn industry. Although it isn’t possible to turn a profit in a business, the method is important. How much we earn or not depends on the following aspects

1. Launch site

It is essential to choose those areas that have a high circulation of passengers, such as 1 nightclub, 2 KTVs, 3 shopping malls 4 bars 5 tourist destinations such as. This location not only has an abundance of visitors however it also has an extended time of stay, so it is also very demanding. Consider the demands for flow of passengers when choosing a location. Large passenger flows are not always beneficial. The pedestrian streets could be crowded with lots of traffic. You should however place beverage vending machines on the street. There are also a lot of convenience stores nearby, so it is not an ideal idea. Your competitive pressure is too to bear, so you need to choose products suitable for the site to sell!

2, Profit from product

The profits of your products is also a fundamental issue of how much you can earn. The profit margin is small in the case of a huge number of sales, but little profit from a single product. For instance, the cost of the Chinese beverage market is more transparent, which is what determines the price of drinks. So, the revenue from selling food products exceeds that of drinks, but the demand of beverage products will outstrip that of food products. It is important to have the right balance between profits and sales.

3, Machine quality

There’s nothing wrong in the area and revenue, but it’s a decent vending machine. What’s good?

1. Quality

Quality products come with a low failure rate and can help you save money. Do not go in buying cheap goods, regardless of their quality. A vending machine which is frequently damaged can be compared to a shop that closes frequently, which can affect your chances of making a profit. Our guarantee to make cash is a vending device that operates reliably for at minimum 24 hours.

2. After sales

There is no perfect product. However, there is no perfect service. After sales is a crucial aspect for any business. Many businesses fail because they aren’t able to keep up with after-sales and vending machines aren’t any different. Try to go to the location to learn that If the newer service could not keep up with the earlier service, it’s not just time, but also the loss of money.

3. Is it popular in the market

Good single quality isn’t enough. Nokia’s quality, for instance has been top-notch but it is now closing. They’re not wrong. They are not required from the market. Another instance is the maglev high-speed railway, which is reached in more than two hours from Beijing to Shanghai. Why don’t we construct an entire national maglev? The answer is quite simple, because the cost is too high. The cost of tickets will go up and there won’t enough people to profit from it. It is evident that no matter how good your equipment is, it will not be able to perform so long as it’s not well-known on the market.

What is the most popular vending machine? With the expansion of the nation’s economy and the growth of the economic standing of people, they no longer blindly pursue costs and pay more and more attention to the consumption experience. Machines that make consumers happy are a huge hit on the market. The Huaqu vending machines that are intelligent for ice creams are like this. They mix doll-grabbing machines with vending machines in order to provide entertainment and shopping. They are very popular! Vending machines such as automatic marshmallow machines, which are a blend of technology and tradition are also very popular in the market.

Hommy’s vending machines have an elegant design and is boldly innovative. Hommy specialises in food machines, providing ice cream vending machines for many catering establishments. Hommy is responsible for the setting up as well as the delivery and pick-up of the machines. The equipment for customized products includes ice makermachines, automatic espresso machine pizza machine, beverage machines. We’re happy to talk about!


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