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Pizza machine price

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Facts have proved that the pizza vending machine has made investors a great success.

In 2019, New York, as the biggest pizza and vending market, provides huge opportunities for pizza vending machines. Vending machines can diversify their products, entice new audiences, and benefit by giving maintenance and accessories such as pizza boxes, trolleys, and shipping and delivery containers.

The independent vending machine can take 96 standard baked pizzas. After purchasing pizzas through the touchscreen, the pizzas are finally prepared in the hearth oven before being boxed and distributed.

Provide fresh pizza to anyone anytime, anywhere

The small footprint and remote control access create opportunities for pizza vending machines in many different locations. If the positioning has a lot of people, convenient transportation, and pizza fans want for quick snacks, then your operator will be the most successful. Pizza vending machines perform especially well in gas stations, office structures, hospitals and academic institutions.

The pizza vending machine is made of the best quality materials, so that it can run around the clock indoors and outdoors without worry. Through the coronavirus turmoil, the average regular turnover of every pizza vending machine was US$11,750, or an average of 45 pizzas sold each day. The best-operated machine sells 79 pizzas per day. These figures equate to an incredibly fast payback period.

The main expenses of the pizza vending machine are:

Remote management software

Smart Pizza App

Contactless payment system

Low-touch ordering system

Enjoy restaurant-quality pizza the whole day

Remote management

The pizza vending machine is the only one that can be fully handled by the operator. By using a remote management system, providers can control sales, temperature configurations, pizza descriptions, campaigns, and inventory (except pizza replenishment) of the automaton through a cellular phone, tablet or computer all over the world.

Each Pisan automaton is sold at a cost of $15,000, and a customized cover design is provided as yet another option.


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