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Hommy high efficiency Blizzard ice cream stand Machinery Factory

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Every holiday, the playground is a crowded scene. The huge movement of individuals has driven the rapid development and high profits of varied shopping areas in the playground, such as automated drink machines and ice cream vending machines.

At present, weighed against other countries and regions, the input of ice cream vending machine in China is not large. For many people, many people remain unfamiliar with the product. Now let’s present the hommy effective Blizzard ice cream stand in the playground.

The hommy high-efficiency Blizzard ice cream stand set in the playground can realize fully automated operation, and consumers can operate through the steps prompted by the top screen of your body: material selection, payment, etc. After receiving the operation instructions, the machine software will add the recycleables in to the machine and then remove the cup. At the moment, the majority of the machines in the playground can support one kind of milk raw material, four kinds of jam and three kinds of topping materials. Through random collocation, there are 120 types of flavors to choose from. Some popular ice cream products, such as ice cream, sundae, Blizzard, wheat whirlwind and frozen yoghurt, can be made to meet up with the needs of different customers. This technique generally will take about 15 seconds to complete without long waiting around. Of course, there are a variety of marketing modes for self-service snow cream machines, such as half price for the next cup, one free for three mugs, and free to open up or close. Support member recharge system function, also can o2o online group buying, offline pick-up, and joint venture activity setting with third-party business co-operation. Therefore, a machine is a traditional ice cream shop.

Hommy glaciers cream stand in the playground gets the advantages of excellent function, low energy consumption and high dependability. Compared with traditional stores, it shows its advantages. In addition, the glaciers cream self-service machine facilitates multiple dialects, covering more than 200 metropolitan areas, more than 20 provinces and even foreign countries and locations, such as Singapore, the Philippines and Poland. With excellent performance and convenient service, has been nearly all consumers compliment and support.


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