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what are raw materials for ice cream maker equipment production

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When it comes to ice cream, we first think of McDonald’s and KFC’s fairly sweet cone,  and the entrance is ready to turn. With regards to hard ice cream, you imagine of digging ice cream. Furthermore to these differences,

1.  Hard ice cream is constructed of hard ice cream powder. Due to different ingredients, they are able to not be mixed.

2. different expansion charge: soft ice cream has no hardening procedure in the production process, and the expansion amount is 30% – 60%, which can be made and marketed by ice cream equipment. The expansion level of hard ice cream is normally 80% to 100%,

3. different nutrition components: generally, a delicate ice cream contains more (about 1.

4. the freezing temperature differs: the center temperature of smooth ice cream is about -5 ℃, and the center temperature of hard ice cream is about -15 ℃.

5. different consumption time: soft ice cream equipment could be eaten by finished products, or blended with other auxiliary components in the later stage. For example, sundae with different tastes can be made out of sundae sauce,  hard ice cream also requires a hardening process to be eaten.

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