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what are raw materials for fried ice cream machine production

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Fried ice cream is not fried directly in the pan, but wrapped in loaf of bread and then fried. And right now you can see it all over the united states, and it’s simple enough to do it, and it’s really especially refreshing in  nice inside, summer and crispy outside.

Xiao Bian will tell you the difference of raw materials made by ice cream equipment from other aspects.

1.  Hard ice cream is made of hard ice cream powder. Because of different ingredients, they are able to not be mixed.

2. Different expansion price: soft ice cream has no hardening process in the production method, and the expansion amount is usually 30% – 60%. Generally, it might be made and offered by ice cream equipment. The expansion price of hard ice cream is certainly 80% – 100%,

3. Different nutritional components: generally, a smooth ice cream contains more nutrients (about 1.

4. Different freezing temperature: the center temperature of delicate ice cream is approximately – 5 ℃,

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