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what about the lead period of ice cream showcase from inserting a order to delivery

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Recently, the weather is quite hot. In order to cool off,  I just sit next from what I want to eat and what I wish to do. In this way, I can not go out for a whole summer time! Oh, my God! Have you got this ice cream machine?

So where may i sell such a industrial ice cream machine? What is the delivery time of ice cream display cabinet from order to delivery?

Full automated ice cream machine, the internal structure of the machine is excellent, it is difficult to understand the problem at the start of contact, so the after-sales support of the manufacturer is important, hommy has the guidance of technical staff, the ice cream business will go to a higher level. For example, the ice cream equipment after-sales service provided by hommy companies is: national joint warranty, one-year warrantee and lifelong maintenance. And hommy suppliers have an ideal system from the first equipment research and advancement to the mid-term development and sales, and then to the in the future after-sales service. They have no concerns after purchasing the device, because the producers will solve the problems for you in time.

Nowadays, a myriad of ice cream equipment emerge within an endless stream,  there are more and more objective factors for ice cream to attract customers. However, no matter how the ice cream machine or ice cream alterations its pattern, as long as the “heart of buyers” is grasped,  If you want to buy a industrial ice cream equipment, it is recommended to visit the hommy maker for a genuine inspection and select the self-developed terminal machine for more after-sales guarantee.


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