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tutorial of outdoor pizza machine Video

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Hommy full automatic pizza machine is independently developed by HOMMY., with a small volume, touch screen and a series of equipment for baking pizza. After the customer has put in the money, the cake will be moved from the freezer to the oven, and then the ingredients selected by the customer on the touch screen will be added. Then the pizza will be automatically sent to the high temperature infrared oven and baked at 260 ℃. This series of processes are automatically completed by the machine, which takes only three minutes before and after.

automated pizza oven

This self-service pizza machine is from HOMMY. Its original dream is to build an automatic intelligent fast food terminal and it must be Chinese food. Hommy full automatic pizza machine with the idea of "5 minutes from birth to cooked number to complete a 2 meat and 1 vegetarian Chinese meal" idea to visit the world, the result has not been very smooth.

Hommy full-automatic pizza machine covers a small area, does not need to be on duty, 24-hour automatic operation and other advantages, saving a lot of costs for enterprises, and high flexibility, high scene retail mode, for the practical application of vending machines to create more opportunities. At present, many food enterprises not only realize the profit * maximization of the two through the change and upgrading of traditional channel dealers, but also further improve the share of products in the whole market.

Hommy is a company that provides pizza vending machines, which aims to provide people with delicious pizza with the full automatic vending machine technology.

automated pizza oven

self-service pizza machine

coin operated pizza vending machine


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