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pizza machine glasgow

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Glasgow people are especially fond of pizza. Whether it's watching big and small ball games, going to all kinds of restaurants, or watching TV at home, there is always pizza. In the past, when people wanted to eat pizza, no matter they went to a physical store or ordered takeout, or baked it by themselves, they could not enjoy the delicious food immediately. The birth of this hommy all intelligent unattended self-service pizza vending machine solves the difficulty of people in Glasgow eating pizza.

distributeur de pizza

Although pizza has been accepted by the public, it is often located in pedestrian street and other places, and the high rent also makes the price of pizza rise. HOMMY intelligent pizza vending machine sells pizzas at home. The price is reasonable and delicious at any time. HOMMY factory direct sales, contract intelligent fast food equipment research and development, upgrading, performance testing, maintenance and other work, headquarters technology department all inclusive.

Hommy intelligent pizza vending machine can be customized according to customer requirements, adapt to all kinds of places, a wide range of distribution, convenient for consumers to buy fast food nearby, customers continue. Perfect raw and auxiliary materials quality inspection tracking system, origin tracking, selection standard, data monitoring, with high standards as quality requirements.

At present, there are two main functions of hommy's Pizza self-service machine, the first is to refrigerate pizza, and the second is to heat pizza. Now HOMMY's R & D team is also preparing to integrate pizza self-service, lunch box self-service, hamburger self-service, fried chicken self-service, French fries self-service and beverage self-service to create a multi-functional pizza automaton.

pizza vending machine

distributeur de pizzamachine  broderautomatic distribution

distributeur de pizza


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