PA-C8 French fries Vending Machine

Fries vending machine

Product specification:

PA-C8 French fries Vending Machine

Features of the product:

1: The 27-inch screen for advertising or operation

2: Frying time: 2-3 min

3: Frying temperature: 80-185

4: Frozen french fries stores keep the temperature at -18–10

5: Machines can use vegetable oil and beef fat. Fired bowl keeps 3L oil.

6: Frozen fry stock: 50kg, roughly 220 portions (12 bag)

7: The machine can keep indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, you need to add a roof.

8: Fumes Filtration, No oil-smoking

9: Connector with the payment system: paper bills, coin, currency and credit card interfaces only MDB.

10: Every 16-days, you must take out the fryer to allow it to clear.

11. The machine can be viewed remotely, and you can also see the daily sell report.

12. Each 400-piece machine or portion that works 4 days requires oil change.

13: There are 3 juice boxes in the machine.

14:Fire Prevention, food safety

15. Storage 100pcs14OZ cups Two capacities are available: 200g or 350g (this can be adjusted).

16.. Seasoning box. Each box can contain a bag containing tomato sauce or salt. (100 pieces total)

17. Temperature monitored 24 hours. When the refrigerator temperature is above 0 Celsius for longer than 2 hours, the french-fires vending machine will notify the operator.

18. When the fryer’s on, power is 2800W Average power is 1000W

19.size of machine:1300mm *1000mm *2000mm

Product Advantage:

1. The machine inside have 3 kind of juice for you to choose , the juice box you can put any flavour base on your market .


2. The quantitative dispenser system in the machine is driven by rod to ensure that the aliquots are similar each time.


3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .


4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.


5. we use the paper cup is 14OZ


PA-C8 French fries Vending MachinePA-C8 French fries Vending MachinePA-C8 French fries Vending MachinePA-C8 French fries Vending Machine