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Automatic popcorn machine for making popcorn

Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd is a high tech enterprise specialize producing and selling all kinds of cooling products and food processing machine. Recently they developed the the first Full Automatic Popcorn Vending machine in the world that can make multi flavors of popcorn in the machine auto

2021 06-15
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Where do you have a popcorn machine? How much is a popcorn machine

Does HOMMY make money with its automatic popcorn machineThe answer to this question is yes. After all, it belongs to things that consumers often use and rely on. The consumption market of beverage vending machine is huge and stable, and the relative income is also guaranteed.Although HOMMY's automat

2021 06-11
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Popcorn machine amazon

Popcorn machine amazonAmericans are especially fond of popcorn, whether it's watching big and small ball games, going to all kinds of cinemas, or watching TV at home, popcorn is always indispensable. So if you choose a good product, it's a cash cow, but if you don't choose a good one, it's very dang

2021 06-04
Top sale high quality welcomed popcorn machine vending

Recently, the Hommy self-help popcorn machine was officially put into production and use. This is also the first new product released by Hommy since adjusting its business strategy.The self-help popcorn machine also adds three management systems, namely infrared light sense, cloud service background

2021 05-14
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Automatic old popcorn vending machine

Automatic old popcorn vending machineAre you looking for a new business opportunity?Popcorn is one of the most favorite snack all over the world, almost all the people like to eat popcorn, especially when we go to the movie theater, popcorn is the essential snack. Following this popular, Popcorn Ven

2021 04-17
Popcorn machine price

There are semi-automatic and full-automatic popcorn machines on the market. The quality varies and the price varies greatly.HOMMY industry's popcorn machine is a fully automatic popcorn machine. The price of the popcorn machine is very high in similar products. It is very popular with investors.The

2021 04-12
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China popcorn vending machine suppliers

HOMMY is a leading supplier of popcorn vending machines in China. We have many experiences to share with youMarket potential: more than 90% of the world's people like popcorn, especially children and women, which fully reflects the huge demand of the market. The latest survey results show that China

2021 04-07
Popcorn Vending Machine Automatic

Hommy Enterprise recently developed the the first Full Automatic Popcorn Vending machine in the world that makes popcorn with flavors in the machine automatically.The machine outside cover is stainless steel and wrap with nice picture. There is a 10” Operation and Advertising Screen with android sys

2021 04-03


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