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Could you provide an explanation of the defrost feature for soft Ice Cream Machine?

The sound produced due to friction between the mixing shaft and the refrigerator cylinder inside it can be heard when the ice-cream machine is frozen. The first step is to turn off the power supply to your ice cream maker and then check if there is any leftover ice cream slurry in the container to s

2021 10-06
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Ice cream vending machine price_ High Quality_Factory Price

Ice cream vending machine price-_ High Quality, Factory PriceThe ice cream vending machine is the only answer to all your summer questions. Everyone likes high-quality ice cream. No matter adults and children are passionate about this ice cream. Now it's time to get some income from the love of

2021 04-12
Clean ice cream vending machine

Clean ice cream vending machineThe vending ice cream machine must be cleaned after operated. Although the ice cream machine has a self-cleaning function, manual control can better clean the inside of the machine. Therefore, some things should be paid attention to when cleaning the ice cream machine.

2021 03-27
Vending machine telemetry

Benefit from the modern scientific and telemetry technologies, Hommy Enterprise’s Vending machines can offer the best cash and cashless payment systems and services for the operators and their customersHommy’s vending machines offer multiple payment solutions, such as an all in one unit of Coin Recy

2021 04-03
How to open an ice cream franchise hommy looking for partners?

How to open an ice cream franchise hommy looking for partners?Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world. So much ice cream is consumed every year that the ice cream industry generated over USD 62.40 billion in 2020,If you are looking to open an ice cream store, but don't know what i

2021 03-30
High quality vending machine

There are many kinds of self-service machines on the market, such as automatic ticket picking machine, vending machine, payment machine, self-service inquiry machine, etc.These machines have single functions, complex operation, slow reaction and rough materials. The quality is not the same.After yea

2021 04-10
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Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Automatic Ice Cream MachineThe self-service ice cream machine of HOMMY Industry is deeply loved by investors because of its high product quality and many unique advantages.In terms of product quality, HOMMY Industrial products will use high-quality raw materials, such as the main structure of custom

2021 04-19
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Ice cream vending machine price

Ice cream vending machine priceThere are lots of ice cream vending machine in the market. How much does an ice cream vending machine cost? When we choose the ice cream vending machine, we should not only care about the price of it but also need to take the quality into consideration.We strongly reco

2021 05-04


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