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What kind of fries does the vending french fries machine choose What is the reason?

The concept of a coin-operated French fry machine that sells fried fries is an innovation. It permits customers to purchase a set amount of fries and it is efficient automatized, simple, and easy manner. The vending machine offers fresh French fries via the color touch screen and the customers can a

2021 10-13
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What would be the greatest effect if sugarcane juice is automatically chilled with sugarcane and ice

The refrigeration effect automatically produced by sugarcane juice is better. When you drink sugarcane juice with ice you’ll only be able to enjoy a moment of pleasure! Cooling sugarcane juice in a machine can make sugarcane taste delicious.Refrigeration is connected to the compressor utilized in th

2021 10-06
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How many servings of fries can be stored in the automatic fries machine?

“Himmy’s” French fries vending machines could be used to store lots of French fries So don’t fret about the scarcity of French fries soon!Hommy automatic food vending machine for French fries. When buying French fries, customers only need to pay for the machine and then wait for 35 seconds. The vend

2021 10-05
HOMMY low temperature automatic French fries frying machine - Healthy eating

We found an automatic french fry vending machine in a bus station in Malaysia. The fries are cooked fresh in the machine. Noted from the owner that the machine is produced by manufacturer HOMMY from China.The frying temperature is low at 175℃-185℃ and frying time is in about 2 minutes. After people

2021 02-26
How to operate the automatic French Fries machine?

How to operate the automatic French Fries machine?

2021 03-22
automatic French fries machine

In recent years, many streets will see the emergence of automatic French fries machine, many investors see the business opportunities, also want to join the field of vending, do automatic French fries machine really make money? In fact, in the long run, the development trend of the blowout of the ve

2021 05-08
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Ice Cream Vending Equipment - Excellent Dealer from China.

Available in the market, the emergence of hundreds of services has stimulated consumers’ buy enthusiasm. The addition of brands has attracted teenagers. More importantly, ice cream is not only producing towards desserts, but as well undertaking the function of social networking and scene expansion.

2021 07-14
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french fries machine price in Italy

In recent years, many investors see the business opportunities and want to become listed on the field of vending. Is it really profitable to create automatic French fries machine? In fact, over time, and the unfinished echelon in the market is an excellent project for most franchisees. At the mome

2021 07-20


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