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What kind of fries does the vending french fries machine choose What is the reason?

The concept of a coin-operated French fry machine that sells fried fries is an innovation. It permits customers to purchase a set amount of fries and it is efficient automatized, simple, and easy manner. The vending machine offers fresh French fries via the color touch screen and the customers can a

2021 10-13
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How do you make sugarcane juice using a machine

Now in the beverage market, the natural sugarcane juice with no additives is the preferred choice. The demand for 100% pure sugarcane juices, and especially orange juice, is growing. In order to meet the growing demand for sugarcane, a sugarcane juice vending machine was created and warmly sought af

2021 10-12
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How to make a pizza vending machine

Recently, a vending machine has come to China that specializes in selling pizzas. They are baked in less than three minutes. People who used to only eat hand-made pizzas are also eager to try them.The machine was invented by hommy. It is an automated pizza vending machine. It is capable of packaging

2021 10-11
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What flavor varieties does the hommy vending popcorn machine include?

There are now more vending machines thanks to the advancements in science, technology, and economy. These machines are now everywhere in the second and first levels of cities. Fourth and third tier cities with vending machines for logistics are also increasing. Many people who are looking to work in

2021 10-07
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Could you provide an explanation of the defrost feature for soft Ice Cream Machine?

The sound produced due to friction between the mixing shaft and the refrigerator cylinder inside it can be heard when the ice-cream machine is frozen. The first step is to turn off the power supply to your ice cream maker and then check if there is any leftover ice cream slurry in the container to s

2021 10-06
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Did you know that Hommy has vending machines which make soda and soft drinks

Before, we often envied vending machines found on the streets of Japan and were able to find nearly everything we needed in the traditional vending machines of China were not a shining example except bottled drinks. Recently, however there was a Hommy soda vending machine has quietly was seen in eve

2021 10-05
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How to make your own sugarcane juicer

In recent years, the desire for better health has led to the upgrade of sugarcane to new pressing and NFC fields. Thus, an mobile sugarcane manufacturing plant – sugarcane automatic vending machine was created.Hommy sugarcane squeezer is more than a vending machine that is automated. It’s also a sug

2021 09-23
Vending machine telemetry

Benefit from the modern scientific and telemetry technologies, Hommy Enterprise’s Vending machines can offer the best cash and cashless payment systems and services for the operators and their customersHommy’s vending machines offer multiple payment solutions, such as an all in one unit of Coin Recy

2021 04-03


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