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most popular coin operated popcorn vending machine supplier for hotels

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Hommy is a respected supplier of popcorn self-service machines found in China. We have many activities to share:

Market potential: more than 90% of the world’s people love popcorn, especially children and females, which fully reflects the big demand of the market. The latest survey implies that the per capita consumption of snacks in China is merely 1.1 liter,   In the next five years,  after China turns into the world’s major popcorn producer and advertising region, the demand for popcorn will rise sharply.

Simple operation, health reliability first: use a equipment and several pot of fine gear, small electricity consumption (only one time found in eight hours), equipment and liquefied gas concurrently, could work continuously, simple procedure. Professional personnel in person operate and impart technology, make certain that each franchisee is normally experienced in functioning technology and uncover the whole production process of “happy popcorn”.

Hommy’s most popular snacks vender  supplier, meticulously built, generous, beautiful, more contemporary style and bold innovation. Kangmei specializes in foodstuff machinery, providing full-automatic popcorn machine for numerous catering restaurants, accountable for the set up and delivery of the machine. Simultaneously, the personalized products of the gear are: ice machine, programmed coffee machine, ice cream equipment, beverage machine, popcorn machine, Qiao Sha ice machine, etc! Welcome to consult!


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