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mcdonalds ice cream machine coin operatedcoin operated ice cream vending machine

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Ice cream automata is a new choice for young consumers in the market, which is widely distributed in crowded and large places, such as cinema, pedestrian street and Madonna rockkfc. However, it is still a mystery in many people whether the machine is working well.

automatic ice making machine

From the perspective of the business, the body design of the Kang Mei ice cream vending machine is compact and flexible, and the actual land occupation is small and the rent is about low; It is divided into working mode and night mode. The back-end operation is closed and opened at any time, with small power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection; One can easily operate 5-10 machines, with little manual input; The design of the fuselage itself is cute and fashionable, and it doesn't need the cost of decoration and publicity. An automatic ice cream machine is equivalent to a traditional store, with low cost and good efficiency.

From the perspective of consumers, they can easily according to the instructions of ice cream vending machine, and the classic ice cream such as sundae, snowstorm and macyclone are also within the optional range. The cup can be quickly released in 15s, without long queues and long waiting. The payment method is also combined with the more common coin type, Alipay, WeChat and member payment. The one-stop online operation is simple and convenient for consumers, and is a better product.

For consumers and businesses, HOMMY is a good product. Welcome to contact friends at any time!

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