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m&m ice cream vending machine

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In foreign supermarkets, you will notice that there is an M & m ice cream vending machine. Do you know where this machine is made?

With the development of social trend, the new retail industry is becoming more and more popular. The brand of ice cream vending machine industry is hommy, which only focuses on making ice cream vending machine. It has its own production room, workshop and R & D team, According to years of market experience, we have developed a variety of high-quality ice cream vending machines with various styles and versions.


Hommy unmanned intelligent ice cream vending machine is suitable for University City, commercial street, large enterprises, office buildings, city squares, tourist areas, playgrounds, supermarkets and other places with dense flow of people. Normally, the profit of each machine is more than several thousand yuan per day. It is sold automatically, and there is no need for people to watch. It has a good market prospect. It is one of the high-quality entrepreneurial projects at present.

Hommy unmanned intelligent ice cream vending machine only covers an area of 0.85 square meters. It only needs to be in a prominent position in the shopping mall, which is very convenient? There is no need to worry about machine failure. In case of cup shortage, material shortage, failure and other problems, SMS will intelligently remind businesses, saving time, effort and worry. Without 24-hour watch, one person can easily operate and maintain 5-10 machines. Intelligent ice cream machine is small in size and can move flexibly. Ice cream machine without vending will be the development trend of new retail in the future. New retail is just at the stage of development everywhere. China's ice cream consumption market is broad and has a good prospect. Whoever grabs a good spot first will occupy the market and win business opportunities.

Hommy ice cream machine adopts advanced foreign technology, all core parts are imported from foreign brands, combined with many years of practical experience and user usage habits, so that it can meet the needs of users. Many owners have put up their thumbs after using our machine! What else to wait, please contact us!

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