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ice cream making machine in Chinese-hommy

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Hommy self-service ice cream machine body has a 24 Inch Touch screen, the body contains ice cream design, it can let passers-by see the ice cream automatic dessert station, at the same time, you can track your business and inventory in real time through the Internet. Your customers will enjoy the novelty of fresh ice cream for sale. They will come back again and again to taste its delicious and high quality fresh ice cream on the market! Fresh and ready to sell is an exciting moment. You can make delicious ice cream in 26S. You can choose from fresh milk, vanilla, chocolate, mango and other flavors.

When you start a business with creative and modern ways of making money, you have endless opportunities: self-service ice cream machine. Start your own vending machine business. We can see vending machines wherever we go. Now is your chance to build business under our brand through our vending machine business opportunities. Find a place with heavy traffic and watch all the people passing by your machine make fresh ice cream. We have entrepreneurs all over the country to create their own business opportunities through this unique self-service device.

For the franchisees who want to dig gold with the ice cream vending machine of Kangmei, the diversified products of Kangmei can meet the demand.


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