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how to operate popsicle machine

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How exactly to use popsicle equipment? Everybody knows that ice cream can be a particular delicious food, that may give people a sense of like from the sweetness. Various people think she can’t resist, but a lot of people don’t know how exactly to use the popsicle machine if they choose ice cream.

01. Equipped with popsicle slurry

If you don’t learn how to use the commercial popsicle equipment,  Since you want to process the product, you must have all the raw materials ready. When reprocessing, three varieties of pure milk can be added regarding to all the weight, which can be made according to the relevant proportion. The whole slurry could be stirred evenly without the impurities.

02. Start the popsicle machine

The next thing is to carry at room temperature for 15 minutes. Beneath the condition of constant stirring,  then wait until the slurry fills the freezing tank, the machine can be began by the auto key element, or press the cleaning key, and then select the auto key.

03. Complete the production

The last step is to hold back until the screen display ratio reaches 99,

The above is to use the popsicle machine procedure steps, some of the use must be relative to the above steps, only relative to the right steps of operation, as a way to take better use effect.

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