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hommy pizza cone maker equipment famous brand for store

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With the accelerating pace of life, we’ve less and less time to cook. Our selection of food is more quickly and quicker. With the rapid expansion of our fast food sector, what hommy is normally innovating isn’t just a device, a technology, but a new concept of  healthy new choice, a fast, food and delicious.

3-5 minutes to buy and do, city, community network distribution, 24-hour operation

Low fat, healthy, balanced nutrition, reasonable nutrition ratio, green organic vegetables and top quality accessories

Unattended cellular phone supervision, employing the world’s leading intelligent technology

For a long time previously, restaurants were predicated on the premise of a big number of employees. But now, the disadvantages of a large number of personnel in the retail outlet are more and more prominent: substantial turnover rate of workers, high pressure on workers’ wages and benefits, complicated management of staff, low efficiency of classic work, and high local rental cost of shops. Hommy pizza machine is to see the disadvantages of the original manual business unit, so that it simply found a new way to look at the unmanned business model, or even do not need to open stores, major shopping malls, institutions, communities, squares and other places can be settled, fundamentally get rid of the challenge of manual organization. No employees, no retailers, all the disadvantages and shortcomings won’t exist. This practice not merely saves the cost of opening a shop, but also tremendously saves many contradictions.

The automatic pizza equipment made by hommy is a special machine for making pizzas, including a complete group of pizzas production lines, including programmed pizzas machine, coin operated pizzas vending equipment, unmanned pizzas vending equipment, etc. The producers and suppliers of hommy computerized pizza machine will be the most ideal gear for baking pizza, and they are the necessary products for all main restaurants. Welcome to your customers!


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