For consumers, in warm summer, the very best trigger to make a decision is when your body or brain includes a desire to replenish normal water and cool off, and cold drinks come in front of these. And the fulfillment of this kind of scene is bound to have a sharp tool for sales, that is, the freezer.

Hommy China Popsicle Display Freezer Storage Area Refrigerator For Display Ice Cream Hommy China Popsicle Display Freezer Storage Area Refrigerator For Display Ice Cream

It really is said that the freezer is a must for all beverage producers in summer. Only those who get the freezer can gain the world. Today, predicated on my past experience, Let me talk about how to take the business lead in this ice war.

The battle of freezer is a waste of money and manpower. Before the battle, manufacturers should first explain where their battlefields are, which streets to assault, which points to strike, which details to win quickly at any cost, and which points can be slowly eroded and gradually infiltrated. They shouldna??t want to do anything like pepper noodles, whatever the input-outcome ratio. There are three aspects to be considered

If the level of net sales is large, it ensures that the marketplace is moving very well, so it ought to be presented priority as the key battlefield;

The second reason is channel selection. We should analyze the historic distribution info of the outlets, and sort out which will be the high sales channels;

Finally, the selection of outlets should be completed from two elements: the sales volume of an individual store and the geographical site. The sales volume of a single shop should not only consider the sales volume of its brand, but likewise consider the sales level of the main competitive items of the same category, because the sales volume of outlets may be lower than that of competitive products due to the insufficient business implementation or additional causes. Since there are product sales volumes of competitive products, it ensures that there are customers, so there exists a basis for sales promotion.

Hommy ice cream screen freezer belongs to a small investment and easy procedure project, which is well-liked by many people. And may be the presentation of new technology. It really is on the atmosphere, attracting attention, attracting client experience, and bringing a whole lot of traffic.