Hommy automatic popcorn machine has the advantages of high capacity and fast heating. It is suitable for commercial usage. Además, after stopping heating the body of the container can be separated from the heat source in order to prevent the pot from being coated by high-temperature waste heat. It’s a good way to reduce manpower in addition to enhancing production efficiency and decrease production costs with automation of design and manufacturing. It is the most essential piece of equipment to support your mall’s activities.

In normal conditions, the profit of popcorn isna??t too impressive but the benefits of cost recovery is evident. El riesgo es bajo. The project can open restaurant, or operate from the produced fast food truck. As long as the location is right and the machine is used in strict accordance with the instructions, it can not only prolong the lifespan of the machine, but also easily be the boss and make money! Purchase an automatic popcorn machine from Hommy’s company and offer equipment on site to teach you how to build an automated popcorn machines!