Recently, many people have been learning about the cost investment of vending machines. After all, the epidemic has led everyone to spend a lot of time at home, and non retail non-contact shopping is a good choice, whether it’s part-time or sideline or investment. próximo, let’s look at the cost of investing in vending machines.

In order to make the vending machine business go smoothly, it needs some related work and expenses. próximo, I will analyze the main costs of investing in vending machines in four ways so that you can make better budgets and assessments.

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1. site fee of vending machine

Just like opening a small shop, vending machines need a place to put them. Sin embargo, vending machines are more flexible and cheaper than traditional stores. Because vending machine can be put outside, it only occupies a small space, so the cost is not high. If your vending machine works well in many places, you can open it at zero cost through profit sharing. In the vending machine, the actual operation depends on different properties and different places. Different ways to achieve zero cost or low-cost operation of máquinas expendedoras have many skills and methods in this respect, you can find it through many channels.

2. cost of vending machine

The vending machine’s own cost is the biggest in the business. Máquinas expendedoras, with many configuration items, are our main purpose is to retail without anyone. In the process of choosing vending machine, my suggestion is to meet our needs with the minimum investment and to determine some other projects according to the actual situation. Por ejemplo, when we first started testing the effect of operating the vending machine, it was not necessary to buy an unworkable and expensive driverless vending machine. Buying the most basic máquina expendedora is enough to pay by scanning the code. After accumulating rich operation experience, we can choose some practical functional configuration according to the actual situation of the customers on site.

3. cost of selling goods in máquinas expendedoras

If the vending machine wants to make money, you have to sell things, buy low and sell high. Whatever product you sell, you need to prepare some items for the vending machine. The cost varies depending on the commodity, usually starting at £ 2-3000. Por ejemplo, our common ordinary drinks, meriendas, adult supplies, etc. The cost is usually not too high. At first, we can choose the purchase quantity according to some investigation and research. After having some experience, we can choose according to the big data.

4. management fee of vending machine

The management cost of vending machine if you have a small number of machines, if you want to learn the vending machine, repair, can use spare time to complete the work, the cost can be ignored basically. If you don’t have enough time, or if you run multiple vending machines at the same time, you can find a part-time or full-time person to do it. This is mainly spent on labor costs and transportation costs.

From the above four aspects, we briefly talk about some of the costs of investment in vending machines, which can be used for reference. In the actual operation process, there are still some details that we need to find and pay attention to, hope that we can find their own operation mode.

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