Want to make sugarcane juice at home, without the use of a machine? Why not try Hommy’s sugarcane juice. It’s simple and healthy!

To ensure the freshness of each cup of sugarcane juice delivered to consumers, hommy exercised strict control of the source and used a great deal of resources and manpower to influence the planting and harvesting of sugarcane juice. He implemented a thorough and efficient control, and then transported fresh listed fresh oranges to terminals all over the country.

After thorough cleaning, sorting, and sorting of the sugarcane juice the juice is transferred directly to the storage area for sterilization and refrigeration. To set an example for a healthy and sustainable industry, it is important that you strictly adhere to quality and health standards.

One click, intelligent and effortless operation

It is easy to see how intelligent systems will be integrated into the future public service. Hommy’s automated sugarcane juice machine realizes full-automatic sales and control through the intelligent platform. Operators are able to see the status of sugarcane juice sales as well as inventory, as well as cup covers, in real-time and through the background. If they run into a shortage of raw materials, they can replenish in time. Remote control is possible throughout the day. Operators can operate everything remotely through an intelligent background and earn high-level riches.

As part of its continuous investigation, hommy has crafted an extensive maintenance and operation program so that people’s desire to consume a cup of fresh sugarcane juice each day will no longer fail. With the continuous improvement of people’s expectations for high-quality life it is predicted that the hommy automatic sugarcane-juice machine will be more and more sought-after.