Fryer: the temperature exceeds the set temperature 10 un??power off, heating safety; It is designed and customized by multi funnel, and the flash point is clean without dead angle and residue, so as to keep the inside clean and easy to clean; The cooling tank in the machine is customized by triangle design, and there is no dead angle in the machine, no residue, and convenient cleaning; The frequency conversion speed regulation is suitable for motor and frequency converter control, and the frying time range can be adjusted from 20 seconds to 15 minutos. The fryer is widely used for various fried products; The research and invention of the double layer net belt is easy to keep the product fried color even when the product floats up and down, and it is difficult to produce the phenomenon of uneven frying of the floating food; The non oil-water mixer adopts the pure oil longitudinal scraper system, which can clean the bottom residue of the bottom of the pot quickly and continuously for a long time; The four position chain raising system can improve the hood separately, and also raise the smoke cover and frying area simultaneously, which is conducive to the cleaning of the equipment. The selection of fryers saves cost and greatly increases the power level of production. The fryer is.