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custom popsicle machine factory

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In the hot summer time, young boys and girls walking on the highway like to take a popsicle. Even when you have a refrigerator at home, you are not really willing to do it yourself, since the procedure is challenging and the taste isn’t authentic.

Commercial popsicle machine is easy to operate, average price, equal taste, can even be customized popsicle type.

As a company of custom-made popsicle machine, HOMMY is doing it for more than twenty years. Most customers come from South  Africa, Southeast Asia, other areas and America.

Some manufacturers just make molds for popsicle devices, while others only generate compressors. As a custom-made popsicle machine factory, HOMMY has created a closed and finished function chain from popsicle equipment design and style, mold procurement,

Welcome suppliers and wholesalers in need to call to negotiate.


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