ATM intelligent pizza vending machine
ATMIPizza is a new and innovative way to get your pizza fix. With its convenient location and easy to use interface, it is the perfect way to get your pizza without having to wait in line or worry about it being cold. The machine uses high-quality ingredients and can even customize your pizza to your liking. You can also be sure that your pizza is fresh and made to order, as the machine cooks it right when you order it. ATMIPizza is a great investment for anyone who loves pizza and wants to get their fix without any hassle.

ATM intelligent pizza vending machine is a good business in Germany. The machine can make fresh pizzas within minutes and sells them for €4.90, which is considerably cheaper than most pizzerias. What’s more, it is open 24 hours a day, so people can get their pizza fix at any time.

In order to ensure the quality of our product, we have implemented an infrared temperature sensor in our Hommy’s ATM intelligent pizza vending machine. This sensor will help to keep the pizza dough at a consistent temperature, between 60-300. Our machine also has a power failure protection function, in case of any power outages. Additionally, our machine has a memory function, so that it can remember your previous settings.

If you’re thinking about starting a pizza vending machine business in Germany, now is a good time to do it. Investing in a Hommy ATM intelligent pizza vending machine is a benefit, as Hommy is a reliable company that can export to other countries. Plus, starting your business in Germany gives you access to a large market with a high demand for pizza. So, if you’re ready to start your own ATM intelligent pizza vending machine business, Hommy is a good choice for you.