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Wise Pizza - Autonomous Pizza Vending Machines

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You can’t look at any staff, because its perfect and mature intelligent operation system is usually enough to replace all staff. The computerized intelligent pizza vending equipment can be operated by one option,  Combined with cultural wants of today’s junk food, it is a smart device with innovation as the highlight,

It effectively accocunts for for the defects of classic fast food industry, such as for example high operating  difficult operation, cost and complex management. With all-round intelligent procedure, it effectively saves information and costs,  and everyone may easily take up a business and generate profits efficiently under the leading function of hommy pizza vending equipment.

As a leading domestic R &  Hommy is focused on the development of Net of things technology merging traditional industry with internet intelligence, and has formulated a series of R & D programs for new self-service revenue terminals. Keep in mind conmey’s ice cream vending equipment? It is among Kangmei’s products and offers been exported to Southeast  the Middle East, THE UNITED STATES, other regions and Asia. Welcome interested friends to consult!


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