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Wholesale price of hm701 snow cream machine in supermarket

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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time for all sorts of sweets to bloom again. In the face of the severe blow to the industry in 2020, all entrepreneurs are eager to make a grand slam in the summer of 2021.

Every industry has a pain point and a brief board. Now the lease is high and the labor price is rising, so that it is very hard to recruit key employees. It’s not easy to coordinate the three elements of physical location, employees management and product control! It’s hard to start a company if you have a eyesight!

This hm701 ice cream machine was created and made by hommy professional team, which contains high efficiency compressor, low consumption motor, lithium battery and other core devices; Its characteristics are energy conservation and continuous working time. It has solved the issue of supermarket store rent, fixed investment in stores, and operating expenses during the off-season amount of chilly sweets. Salaried office employees and retirees can work part-time, and are praised as the artifact of stalling by industry experts.

Hommy glaciers cream vending machine after more than ten years of research and development, technology and materials are extremely mature. Therefore, more local and foreign traders are willing to buy glaciers cream self-service machines from hommy to create income to them. Among the self-service machines of the same quality, the self-service machine of HOMM in China is more convenient and cheaper. Among the self-service machines of the same price, the self-service machine of China hommy is more beautiful in materials, more perfect in functions, and far more convenient and hygienic used. Welcome to discuss!


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