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Which is the country that eats the most pizza? What is the secret to your success?

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Pizza is extremely popular across the world for its hot hot, easy to eat, delicious toppings, different flavors to choose. That’s the reason why pizza is among the most loved foods in the world.

Which is the country that eats the most pizza in the world?

A 2015 report revealed that Norway is the nation where the largest portion of pizza is consumed. A small country that has a population of about 5.5 million of people, Norwegians consume 5kgs (11 pounds) pizza every single year. In the entire country, 47 million frozen pizzas are consumed annually. It is a record that no other country has broken. Another report shows that Americans as well as the French eat more pizza than the rest of the countries in the world. For example, the French ate 819 million pizzas last year. Other countries, like the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, China, Japan, China, and China. The trend to eat more pizza is increasing each year. It’s an amazing number!

Why pizza is so popular?

Pizza is simple to prepare As we’ve already discussed. You can buy pizza at a traditional pizzeria as well as from the Pizza Vending Machine. These machines can be found at any location in the city or shopping center, subway station gas station, bus stop or shopping mall. It’s easy to purchase a pizza, you don’t need to worry about having no cash because the pizza vending machines not only accept coin bill, change coin, or bill as payment, but they also accept payments by credit card, debit cards and other bank cards as well as mobile or NSF payment. The pizza vending machine provides both contactless and contact payments options. Pizza can be bought at any time, from anywhere, and anytime. No matter people need food for lunch or wish to snack on food after a computer game. The pizza vending machine is always available and will cook tasty and hot pizza for you.

While Norwegians prefer to put a frozen pie in the oven, and then eat it at home, residents of Unite Stated are more like to prefer freshly made pizzas. It is possible to purchase any type of pizza in a restaurant or purchase it at the pizza vending machine anytime and anyplace. Are you ready to share a piece of the pie in the giant pizza market by just owning a pizza vending machine? To learn more, contact us.


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