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Where do you have a popcorn machine? How much is a popcorn machine

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HOMMY automatic commercial popcorn machine, equipped with electronic screen, with the picture of the commodity information, as long as the user input coins and corresponding paper money, can achieve simple and convenient purchase. Without complicated buttons, the operation process is simple and clear. After the coin is put in, microwave heating and fresh explosion are adopted. Consumers at any level can easily purchase without guidance. This high convenience and fresh flavor feature bring better human-friendly physical test to consumers.

The popcorn with our popcorn machine contains the protein, fat and cellulose that human body must have, which can taste salty and sweet. It is the ideal leisure food for young people, and at the same time, it is also favored by the majority of young people.

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The commercial popcorn machine can meet the needs of different customers, indoor and outdoor, and different models for customers. The real estate company can choose their small machines of 220 * 280 * 370cm, which can meet the needs easily. The large ones are 370 * 370 * 500 cm. The customers in the business field can choose large machines, 400 * 400 * 600 cm.

HOMMY self-service popcorn machine is very satisfying to customers in terms of safety, operation, profitability and fresh taste. It lays a good foundation for the follow-up market, and will achieve explosive development in the future.

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popcorn vending machine price


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