The demand for fresh vegetables, fruits, and related products has been increasing in China over the past few years. Based on the general trend, the automatic sugarcane juicer started to appear and gradually emerged. But is it a good investment in?

Automatic sugarcane juice makers are an emerging trend

People used to focus on the issue of food and clothing in the past. With the rise of living standards the population pays more and more attention to health. Fresh fruits and vegetables have become an indispensable element of our daily lives. It’s easy to draw conclusions from the ever-growing variety of stores that sell fruit.

In addition, more and more people are drinking freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. People are thrilled to see vending machines selling sugarcane juice popping up in every corner of offices trains, stations and shopping malls.

In general, the sugarcane juice vending machine driven by the hommy automatic sugarcane juice maker is on a rapid upward trend as the whole.

Many benefits make juicers from sugarcane a fantastic choice

Category advantages

Where Can I Find A Sugarcane Juicer

Where Can I Find A Sugarcane Juicer

For freshness, the products produced by the hommy sugarcane juice automatic machine are far superior to pre packaged sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice that is packaged in advance can be kept in cold chains but the shelf life is just one week. The nutrients are also lost. Moreover, the juice is not freshly squeezed.

Low operating costs

Sugarcane juice brands that are packaged in pre-packaged packages are restricted by cold chain transportation, sales, and storage management. This creates a huge challenge for the control of the delivery time and makes it difficult to layout the national markets. The traditional fresh sugarcane store is also constrained due to its location, which makes it challenging to create a free design. At the same time the cost of personnel is excessive.

The automated sugarcane juicer hommy is able to break down the limits of the traditional categories. This machine can be used as a sales and production channel for the sugarcane juice. It is able to design a range of environments and scenes like subway stations, universities, office buildings, cinemas and residential areas to further increase the ease buying experience, but also serve as a means of promotion and dissemination. There is no requirement for operators and the price of the machine is much lower than the one at the store, which has the benefit of a lower cost.

Moreover, the hommy sugarcane Juicer has a short juicer, with an average of just 40 seconds per cup. This improves performance and decreases the wait time for consumers. It’s more suited to the speedy pace of modern life.