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What's the difference between the air fries and the fried fries?

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The fryer functions by swiftly cooking food items in hot oil. The food is placed in a basket , and then dropped into a hot oil bath.

Hot oil is a good heat conductor, because the food is submerged in the oil, so it is able to cook in all directions at the same time. This speeds up cooking time.

Foods that are cooked can break down the sugar and protein that are on the surface of the food items, creating golden yellow.

Frying can also be used to eliminate any moisture in the food’s outer layer. This will the food is crisped and preserved the moisture within.

The fundamental principle of an air fryer is to make use of heated air to cook food. The fan on the top of the fryer blasts upwards, directing the air down through the heating element. The air travels through the food before it is then surrounded by it. This operation is like the basket of deep fryers.

Air bounces off of the inside of the air fryer’s bottom and returns to the food. The hot air grills food from all directions , resulting in an Maillard effect, which creates crispy crust.


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