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What kind of thing is the ice cream

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Ice cream is great in the summertime. Ice cream is a great way for cooling down the heat or satisfy your appetite. An ice cream machine is necessary to make ice-cream. It’s an automated equipment specifically designed to make frozen dessert ice cream. In accordance with its purpose it can be split into large freezers used in factories, and commercial ice cream machines utilized in the catering industries. To maximize the use of it, it is important to be aware of its basic workings.

1, Working principle of ice cream machine:

The raw material is poured into the tank that holds raw material, then the raw material is mixed with air by the force of the air slurry pump and is transferred to the freezing cylinder the milk slurry gets stirred, and slowly cooled. The freezing cylinder’s viscosity increases. Once the desired viscosity has been achieved, it’s pushed into the outlet via the screw pusher. Once there, the outlet is then opened and the machine releases the finished ice cream.

2, Ingredients of ice cream:

1. Ice cream powder

It’s the most commonly used and most common ice cream raw material. Ice cream powder is generally blended with water in a particular proportion. It is easy to transport, use, and store since it does not need to age. However, careful attention must be given to avoid secondary pollution from mixing.

2. Fresh milk sauce

Generally, the shelf duration is around a week, and the production and transportation links are deleted. Shelf life for customers can be approximately 4 days. However, due to different brands as well as different treatment methods, they have different shelf life. It is recommended to keep it in the fridge and ensure you mix it well to get the most flavorful taste.

3. Fresh milk

It utilizes aseptic packaging, doesn’t require refrigeration, and is ideal for transportation and storage.

4. Ice cream cake with powdered ice cream and cream cake

Different flavors of hard ice cream powders: milk flavor, vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor, strawberry flavor, pineapple flavor, Hami Melon flavor, Toon flavor, mango flavor peach flavor, lemon flavor and green apple flavor.

3. Routine maintenance for Ice cream machines

1. Clean the refrigeration cylinder

In order to protect the well-being of those who consume ice cream and prolong the life of the machine components You must wash the refrigerator every day.

(1) To drain all slurry from your water tank Press the clean button, then press the stop button.

(2) Add the disinfectant to warm water. Pour into the bucket. The quantity of water in the second bucket is identical to the first.

(3) (3) Stir using the button for cleaning for 1-2 minutes to discharge the cleaner.

(4) Rinse the area with water at least 2 or 3 times, then stop.

(5) Connect the power supply and then take out all components.

2. 2.

Customers expect clean, hygienic machines. Keep your body fresh at all times. You can wipe your body with a warm towel to remove the stains. To avoid failure of the equipment don’t flush the toilet with water.

3. Clean the condenser

The condenser may become dusty in operation, which can reduce heat dissipation. Poor cooling effect. The specific cleaning time may vary from three to six months, depending on the environment in which it is operating. Before you begin cleaning, make sure to switch off the power. Don’t damage the condenser fins, and use a soft brush. You can dry it with hair dryer.

4. 4.

The belt that drives the hybrid machine can get stretched out after prolonged usage. The nixie tube used for Northeast Series soft icecream machines will display the warning that the belt may fall off and result in the machine stopping suddenly after a certain period of time. The buzzer will make the long, continuous sound. You’ll need to unplug the power supply as well as remove the left panel from the machine. Next, employ a wrench to adjust the screw under the motor. The machine is in excellent condition. Before you can adjust the belt, it has to be turned off. After the power is switched on, and the belt removed it will return to normal.

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